Jinjer Partner FAQ

JINJER Partner App is a specially designed App based platform for the partner vehicle providers to view and access the booking & business related activities.
By connecting multiple vehicles that either you or your business own, you can become a Jinjer Fleet partner.
You will receive your daily bookings on the Jinjer app installed on your device.
You can download the app on your Smart phone or device (Android or iOS) and register yourself as a JINJER partner. Follow the below steps to register yourself as partner
  • Open Google Play Store or App Store and search for JINJER Partner.
  • Install the app on your phone.
  • Tap on the app to open it, once the installation is complete.
  • You will find a “Register as JINJER partner” button on the login screen. Tap on the button to navigate to the pre-registration screen. Enter your details to start processing your JINJER PARTNER APP.
Yes Of course! The Partner App has the option of selecting the specific service types based on the vehicle type, Feature Type & Vehicle ID to map the services at Service Map Feature.
The income would be higher because you can have multiple cars attached as a Jinjer Fleet Operator. More than just an individual driver-partner, you work as a business entity. The rate of financial growth is therefore higher as Jinjer Fleet Partner than a DCO (driver-cum-owner).
No, we do not impose any limitation to the number of vehicles you attach to your Jinjer Fleet.
We cannot guarantee providing driver-partners for your fleet but we will definitely assist you in finding them.
Jinjer usually deducts its commission amount for any offers / discounts initiated by it and however, if any amount exceeds the commission amount the adjustments will be paid directly to the partner operator.
No, we do not pay your drivers directly. We collect Jinjer Commission amount from each booking and the balance amount shall be received by your driver.
The amount of money you earn as a Fleet Operator totally depends on your fleet’s performance. However, you will earn more revenue compared to individual operator as your revenue is not limited to one vehicle.
No, the registration is absolutely free. You should have a Smartphone/Device with an active network and working internet connection.
Yes, you can. However, you need to show the attached or channel vehicles under your company name or business name.
Individuals who own more than 1 vehicle are considered fleet owners. You need to register yourself under any Jinjer Partner to run your vehicles for Jinjer.
Jinjer works on commission basis, so when the rider pays you for a ride, the amount will be the remaining balance. Jinjer Partner App dashboard will display all your earnings up to date. It also shows your subscription package details and the time left for its expiration (if applicable).
When a rider submits a booking request it will send request notification to the Jinjer partner to respond with the tariff, once partner sends the reply to the respective booking request & if rider accepts the booking then it becomes a confirmed booking.
When a rider books a trip, the partner operator will receive the request and the partner operator can choose to whom he desires to assign that booking.
A partner can cancel the trip by tapping on the “Cancel ride” button. The partner needs to enter a reason for cancellation. Any cancellation fees would be levied based on the booking cancellation policy.
The partner can view their booking history in the “Reports” section of the app. The partner can view all his vehicles bookings in this screen. To view the individual vehicle booking the partner can use search option.
The partner can set the fare commission in multiple combinations w.r.to Vehicle type, Vehicle ID, Commission Type for the given service names.
The Fleet Partner can track the running or halted vehicle through its inbuilt feature “Vehicle Track” which allows the user to view the vehicle location.
Operator can assign the temporary driver in the Current driver page with the basic information about the driver to assign the trip.
Slab Rate is a provision given to the base rate if distance & duration exceeds the applicable slab rate will get applied for the configured service types.
Multiple Pricing is a smart option invented by Jinjer to help the Fleet Partner to adjust the prices while replying to a service request based on the market conditions to increase or decrease the fare.
Hide Bookings is an innovative feature developed for Fleet Partner to hide the bookings to stop the bookings requests for set time period.
To update your app with the latest version, the app should get a notification to your smart phone / Device, in case if you haven’t received then follow the below steps
  • Navigate to the app menu.
  • Select Settings.
  • Click on Update now.
Note: if your app is already running the latest version, a message will be displayed which says “This is the latest version of the app.”
If you have forgotten your password, please select the “Forgot password” link which is available in the login section. Note: Once the partner logs in, the app will remain logged in to the application till they choose to logout.
Yes, the partner will not have any issues receiving bookings even if they navigate to other apps. If the partner is logged into the Jinjer app, ride booking alert will be displayed even if they are accessing other apps.
You can send a mail to our customer care or walk into one of our offices to resolve your queries.