JINJER is also one of the Taxi facilitating platform, connecting travel vendors and commuters at one place to share trip details, view vehicle models and compare multiple prices to select desired vehicle.
Outstation is one of the service types from the regular travel needs, where end user can book entire a vehicle to travel anyplace to anywhere in INDIA. Whereas intercity connect is a ride sharing option which 2 or 3 commuters can book a vehicle by sharing seats to reach other city.
Intercity Connecting is a ride pooling option to commuters & travel vendors. It is basically works limited routes initially. Generally, a travel vendor allows a vehicle to book multiple commuters on particular locations.
Connecting all available travel vendors in respected city or town allows to provide best fares round the clock for any kind of service
The service providing vehicle has been authenticating under particular travel vendor. A travel vendor who runs the travel services is must and stood register under dept. of RTA State Govt. Hence all registered operators are original registered vendors.
Our chauffer’s are official driver partners of particular Travel Operators. All travel operators are Govt Approved vendors. Thus all chauffeurs are professional.
Every ride is allotting to particular travel vendor; every vendor is connecting knowing professional chauffeur. More over every ride is validating with OTP & tracking the location. Hence we call it as every ride is a secured ride.
Connecting all travel vendors & tours and travel agents in city under jinjer platform. Hence all types of vehicle models can expect from www.jinjer.in . even commuters also can send their desired vehicle information at the time of Request a taxi.
Since product is a 24/7 service, so that service will be by 24*7 Support. For customer issues, info related to vehicle, driver. Location, vendor related issues etc everything will be available at 24/7