About US

We started the journey of taxi services in the “Heavy Crowded” City of Bangalore in the year 2010.

We had only one thought in mind that our drivers have a good earning and commuters pay only reasonably for any kind of taxi needs.

With the clear intentions in mind we have partnered with the local car owners to take the lease of their vehicles in return a good package.

We set up an office and employed drivers and brought a fleet of about 100 vehicles serving the demands of the city commuters by offering the lowest outstation, airport and city packages.

Through the journey we noticed the long waiting time of the vehicles due to absence of customer knowledge about the vehicle availability in their location.

We understood that most of the taxi, tour and Travel Vendors in the city are facing the similar issue of showing vehicle availability at available locations are matching the requirements of commuters at the exact point of time.

Then keeping these elements in mind, started pilot surveys by visiting the local Travel Vendors and discussing the concept and taking the suggestions from them & learnt that most of them are looking for such a platform, that gave us immense confidence to develop a travel ecosystem to transform the way of travel booking through technology which can bridge the services under one roof.

What made us bring this platform?

Lack of comfortable public transport options in most Indian cities has led to a growing demand for affordable travel services.

The current Travel ecosystem is not sufficiently fulfilling the needs of our commuters in terms of flexibility, pricing or choice because not every Travel Vendor provides all types of taxi services. Relatively major players for years are involved providing only Point to Point services and fixed outstation services & only a few Travel Vendors could offer sustainable travel solutions leaving customers with no control over prices or choice.

What’s our Solution?

The gap and the rudiments in the present travel industry has led us to develop the bridge between the travel providers and commuters which led us to come up with a common platform that is sure to bring a high level of customer convenience and price competitive environment by making the business profitable through deep penetration into the nook and corners of India, whereby the Travel Vendors or vehicle fleet managers get the maximum number of bookings once our brand is reached across the places by displaying various vehicle models varying from a Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, MUV, Mini Bus, Bus and other luxury models with respective tariff and offers.

With the help of our SAAS application, today any Travel Vendor in the nook and corner of any place in India can connect and engage their operations using our exclusive software application.

Our company’s one of a kind module showcases the various services offered by Travel Vendors along with their tariff and vehicle models offering an interactive taxi booking experience to customers and Travel Vendors with features like:

    1. One way charges and return vehicle feasibility exploration.
    2. Connectivity of Travel Vendors in end to end cities and towns
    3. Solutions to undefined travel packages ranging small destinations to long way destinations
    4. Guaranteed profitability through our brand presence.
    5. Local Travel Vendor’s association’s for High Penetration in Tier 2 and 3 towns.
    6. Ride sharing to intercity and intra city transport.